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Who We Are.

Bex started this site in April 2009 as an outlet for her need to talk about books and total lack of people to discuss them with. It has grown and changed over the years and is ever evolving, and hopefully always will be into something that can continue to be an edifying place for our followers to come as well as for us to express ourselves. We have some exciting new things in store so stay tuned.

Rebekah Montgomery

profile pic bex rebekahMulti-tasker extraordinaire, Rebekah (aka Bex) is passionate about always learning and growing. The world and the people in it kinda fascinate her most the time. Besides everything publishing, she loves photography, painting, writing, interior design, karaoke, and strong coffee. She dreams about traveling to India and is on a perpetual quest for the world’s best sushi. When she’s not reading, writing, editing, reviewing, designing graphics, (or well, let’s be honest here… twitter chatting), you can usually find her trying to catch up on Orphan Black, Doctor Who or Vampire Diaries (Team Damon / Team how the hell can there be a VD without Elena and her doppelgangers? / Team why does Ian Somerhalder only date other vampires?).

She’s the creative force behind Aurel Media, Inc. which currently runs Aurelia{lit}{geek}{chic} along with Story Spinner Literary, a freelance editing and author services firm and Shop Never After, an online store offering bookish and geeky merch. In addition, she is currently an editor for Cornerstones Literary Consultancy and an acquisitions intern for Entangled Teen. She also works locally with AZ Publishing Services and writes for TheWOD Pop-Culture Newspaper. Her favorite job is Aunt. Obviously, she doesn’t really believe in sleep. In the past, she’s written for Blogcritics Magazine, and worked as an editor for WritingNews.org and Writefly! She’s had more than a few less-literary (and therefore, less interesting) vocations and hobbies, most of which involved staplers and spreadsheets and required the wearing of sensible heels, but some of them involved bright lights and stages and belting into microphones with guitars blasting in her eardrums while wearing absolutely non-sensible heels.

Her biggest, scariest, and most exciting project by far is her current work towards submitting her first YA novel while continuing her work on the next three.

Favorite Book: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Future Literary Husband:  Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables)

Favorite Movie: Serenity

Future Hollywood Husband: Jake Gyllenhaal or Jerry O’Connell (they are free to arm wrestle for her)

Favorite Adult Beverage: Italian Margaritas, Surfer on Acid or whatever she happens to make-up this month.


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Aurelia Alumni

Leslie Jones

Besides being an awesome AP English teacher, Leslie Jones (aka Jonesey) coaches Girls Tennis, and collects super-cool pencils. Obviously, she’s an avid reader and bibliophile. Currently Leslie is a touch obsessed with YA Lit. and thinks she might be a vampire, but that changes every year when school starts in the pseudo-Fall (which is really just a fancy name for August).  Jonesey also loves to travel and get pedicures. Someday she wants to learn how to knit, to speak Italian, and how to make use of all the sweet video editing software that’s on her computer. She also loves to swim – probably because she’s a Pisces….and confesses to a being a total foodie!!

Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Future Literary Husband: Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

Favorite Movie: Bridget Jones’s Diary

Future Hollywood Husband: Nathan Fillion (Bex soo has designs to woo him away as well)

Favorite Adult Beverage: “I love me a good Mojito”

Read an interview with Leslie here.


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So…Who or What is Aurelia?

Well, first of all, it’s us!

But before that, it was all kinds of interesting, including: A saint, a jellyfish, the mother of Julius Caesar, a chrysalis, a car, a Romanian gymnast, a hypothetical planet, a hymn, a town in Iowa, the mother of Sylvia Plath, a fictional country, an asteroid, a first lady, a naval vessel, the title of two books (separated by 153 years), a color, and a character in a video game.

We stumbled upon it by a quite convoluted and separate route which included: A forgotten screenplay, a stolen name, a Christian author somewhere in the Midwest, a coveted internet address, procrastination, a mysterious  nom-de-plume, a tattoo, and an overdeveloped sense of romanticism.

Coincidentally: One of us happens to be related to Julius Caesar. That forgotten screenplay relied heavily on the symbolism of a chrysalis. We actually won that second book and have had a few chats with the author.  We are currently on a hunt for the first book, but since that author lived over a century ago, we kinda hope we don’t meet him anytime soon. We also have an affinity for Sylvia Plath and video games. Especially ones that include asteroids, hypothetical planets, fictional countries, and jellyfish.